Winter inspiration wedding photography

Lake Tahoe is an enchanted place and winter takes it to an exquisite level. Add the falling snow, a bride and a groom and you have the perfect combination for an amazing wedding day. Bound by love and the purest snow on earth, veiled by the most sincere of seasons, winter, the magic was assured. This delightful day started in Kings Beach for the early stages, moved by the lake in Carnelian Bay at Garwoods for the indoor ceremony and reception. The wedding ceremony was an intimate affair, up on the second floor of the venue overlooking the lake. The bride and groom brimming with joy exchanged looks as if time stopped and no one else was in attendance. A romantic day enhanced further by the falling snow that blanketed the beautiful Tahoe surroundings in a sophisticated and lush pillow of pure white. The freezing temperatures didn’t stop this couple and their wedding party from going outside for the most authentic winter wedding experience in Lake Tahoe. I have photographed many winter weddings in North Lake Tahoe, Ioana and TJ’s was one of the most memorable. The bride, groom and supporting cast were ready to play so we adventured outside to face the elements and what we created was sumptuous, a riot in an ocean of white. As a wedding photographer I enjoy an adventurous couple and this day was one of those unique ones, everything coalesced nicely. Most of us choose not to have our wedding during winter for obvious reasons; shorter days, colder temperatures, extra clothing, driving conditions, transportation issues. All these may seem insurmountable but are manageable and can lead to an unforgettable day. If you are thinking about getting married in Lake Tahoe in winter don’t be fearful, plan ahead and go for it!

Venue – Garwoods Lake Tahoe

DJ – Sawyer Moonlight DJ

Caterer – Garwoods Restaurant, Carnelian Bay

Photograpger – Ciprian Photography

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Video – Jason Chesebrough