Tedx Reno Event Photography

Over the years I have been a fan of TED Talks and this year I was given the opportunity to support this great event by joining the TEDx Reno as a sponsor and photographer. The www.TEDxReno.org  was quite diverse and engaging, with a range of speakers covering topics from how to help people manage pain post surgery, the dangers of painkillers and how they can create addiction to personal branding, comedy and music. The event also featured individuals with inspiring personal stories such as Joseph McClendon III, Roy Tuscany and Dan Clark, who shared their experiences of overcoming physical challenges and are now using their unique perspectives to help others. One notable speaker was anesthesiologist Ahmed Zaafran who spoke about the use of pain medicine post-surgery and its effects in creating addiction, a topic that is particularly relevant in today’s healthcare landscape. Another speaker, Sandy Grigsby, shared insights on how to develop a strong personal brand, which is becoming increasingly important in a world where individual reputation and image can have a significant impact on success. Nevada’s secretary of state Cisco Aguilar shared his story with our Executive Team President, Kaya Stanley. The event also featured a performance by Misty, an accomplished vocalist with a long career in musical theater, as well as her son, Cody Rea, who performed at the event.

Thank you to all the volunteers and the TEDxRENO team for putting together and making TEDxReno a great success, with a stimulating atmosphere and a wide range of thought-provoking ideas and insights shared by the speakers. I am very much looking forward to photographing next year’s event that’s going to take place on March 9th 2024.

This year’s sponsors were: PBS Reno, Jam Pro Music Factory, Alice Heiman, Greater Nevada Credit Union, National Automobile Museum, Net NV Design on Edge, Sol Baked, McBride Machine, Ciprian Photography.

TEDx, ideas worth spreading!