The beauty of true wedding photography

Wedding photography is a powerful way to capture and preserve the most important memories of your special day. As a photographer, my  goal is to capture impactful, intimate, and fleeting moments that will help the couple remember how it felt to be surrounded by the company of their family and friends on their wedding day. One of the most beautiful aspects of wedding photography is the ability to capture the quiet early moments of the day, such as the early preparations, that can often be overlooked in the excitement of the day. These early moments can help the couple remember who was there with them on their wedding day and how they felt in the company of their loved ones.The key to creating impactful and authentic wedding photos is to capture moments that are real and unposed. This means being present in the moment and observing the interactions between the couple and their guests, rather than orchestrating artificial poses or staged shots. By allowing the natural beauty of the day to unfold, I can create images that are truly memorable and meaningful for years to come. In short, wedding photography is about capturing authenticity, from the early preparations to the quiet moments and the joyous celebrations with family and friends. By focusing on real moments, you can help the couple remember their special day in all its beauty and intimacy. I do know that black and white photography is not everyone’s cup of tea. I also added the opening image of the bride ( the wonderful Ali) in it’s original color at the very bottom of the post. It’s all about communicating with our clients, finding out what their vision for the wedding day is and learning their style and wishes. On average I prefer a mix of 15-20% black and whites to color in the final delivered set of wedding photos. This wedding took place at The Chateau in Incline Village and the getting happened at the Hyatt regency Lake Tahoe.  Hair by RAH Hair