The Landing Resort and Spa South Lake Tahoe

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing an event like no other, the grand opening of The Landing Resort & Spa, a 5 star boutique hotel in  South Lake Tahoe California.

The incredible Scott Corridan and his company Scott Corridan Design put together an extraordinary event that showcased the property to more than 300 guests over the three day weekend. The feeling of hospitality reverberated through out the property to which the presence of the gracious owners, Nancy and Jim Demetriades, added a touch of glamour. Heidi Klum’s elegance, beauty and warm approachable nature plus the live performance from Babyface made the weekend celebration unforgettable.

I am very grateful to Scott for his unwavering dedication and constant support, his incredible team which made my work very easy and enjoyable: Sarah Mahoney, Russ Palmer, Astrid Vianini Dufaur and Kerry Hawk. A congratulatory salute goes to The Landing Resort & Spa – Lisa Gallup, Brent Truax, Nick Sponaugle, Sean Lynch, Maria Elia, Jennifer Lapic, Craig Black, Julie Buchheister, Kevin Moran, Mike Hendi, and all their teams.

The amazing food was the creation of celebrity chef Maria Elia.

A very special thanks to  Johny B Hicks ( video)  and Brian Hess (music). I’m looking forward to seeing you guys a lot more this year.