Wedding Photos and Wedding Books

A while ago I had the pleasure of photographing CiCi and Steve at Black Bear in South Lake Tahoe. The below is an email I received from them recently and  since CiCi and Steve were kind enough to allow me to post it to my blog I’m attaching it below.

“Good Morning Ciprian,

First and foremost, I want to convey a heart felt thank you for all of your incredible work.  The wedding book is stunningly beautiful. My first impression is that the book is quite heavy and my second, is that the quality of the leather, imprinting, pages and binding are way beyond what we ever imagined.  But of course, the very best part of our wedding book is your fabulous pictures.  Rich in feel, warm in tone and lavish in color, your beautiful pictures perfectly captured our wedding day.  CiCi and I have closely examined each picture and found them to be just as we have asked and we are mindful of all the adjustments you made in order to get the pictures just as we requested.
When CiCi and I decided to get married, we wanted to keep our wedding small and simple but we made a conscious decision not compromise on our wedding pictures.  As CiCi and I now sit together reviewing your beautiful work, your pictures evoke fond memories and fun emotions of our wedding day.  Now looking back, CiCi and I have the hindsight to know that hiring you as our wedding photographer was the best decision that we made and we will forever be grateful to you for perfectly capturing the special moments of our wedding.
Steve Dominguez