Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding

These are the images from Allison  and  Wade’s wedding at Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe.  The Hyatt has magnificent views of the lake which makes it an ideal place for some very nice photography indeed. After the ceremony all the guests went  over to the reception place where we set up a lights  and all the family and guests got to be photographed with their loved ones,  childhood friends and so on. It’s a nice way of creating memories for all your family and friends , now they will have an awesome photograph with a beautiful backdrop to take home and frame. Your wedding does not have to be on the beach, we can set it all up at any location. The choice of posing is very relaxed, your guests can pose any way they want, we don’t make you do funny faces, jump or do anything silly, that choice belongs to you and your quests.

Here are some images to exemplify the idea :

!! After you open one image use the arrow keys to advance back&forth.