Incline Village Snow Videos

Welcome to spring in Lake Tahoe.

It’ s been a crazy “spring” so far, the videos bellow shows you how “spring” looks like up here in Incline Village Lake Tahoe today May 27th 2010 AD. It’s been 7 months of cold and snow, I envy those of you who live in warm places, but than again you can’t ski so……… I want 10 months of summer and two of heavy winter, that’s all.  However, when the warm weather DOES decide to come there is no better place on the planet; sunny days , blue Lake Tahoe skies and ……. yeah….the pollen. The pine trees will blanket everything in a green powder for a few  weeks. After that part  is over it’s finally summer time and we can enjoy the sun and warmth for 2 WHOLE months and than the cold comes again. Hmmmm!