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It goes without saying the wedding day is one of the most emotional days in anyone’s life. It’s a recollection of feelings that is contemplated in that very passing moment, is what makes it so powerful and indomitable. It is a remembrance of a shared  past and a optimistic look into the future.


High in the Sierra Mountains at The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe a thin layer of fog  battled with the sun rays for the better part of the morning. Light snowflakes punctuated the thin crisp mountain air as if shy to touch the glass frozen ground.

This was the setting of a intimate winter wedding ceremony. Surrounded by family and friends the bride and groom had the valley as a backdrop for the ceremony with the Northstar gondola running up and down the steep hill. To make it all memorable and fun we headed over for a couple of runs on skis. Wonderful day.



  • Dennis Casino - The greatest wedding ever. Great pictures. The people were fantastic and Heidi looks like a movie star.

    We had a great time.

    Thank you so much letting us be a part of your beautifuyl day.


    Marianne and Dennis CasinoMarch 28, 2016 – 1:40 pm

Nevada has an area almost the same size as Italy and yet is vastly underpopulated. Seen from above the state looks, and is, a vast desert punctuated by peaks and valleys dressed in a light brownish red coat. It’s a fascinating land that seems to have been oppressed by the gods of wind that chased away the seeds of mostly but a few trees.Driving in Nevada is a unique and beautiful exercise. Roads that seem to extend to infinity give way to the occasional almost empty towns. I encourage anyone who is visiting to drive outside of the metropolitan areas and experience the beauty of this unique land.


Chased by the wind off the beach and in search of snow up high above Incline Village we went. Shayna and Chad braved the cold and helped me create a few beautiful winter images today.

From the chaos of noise at lake level to the almost serene quietness of the trees, both marvelous sites.