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I always liked the idea of a museum and what it represents even though I’m mostly an admirer of their architectural beauty and not so much a visitor. I missed many amazing exhibits at the Museum of Art in Reno, the one that comes to mind was the  Fernando Botero exposition. Don’t get me wrong, I have been to many museums  as a visitor but I find myself often in the role of a “secret” admirer than that of a professed lover, a dilettante perhaps . It’s a place of wonder and discovery, sometimes magical sometimes hard to decipher as if looking through the thick cloud of a nebula. Some works of art may take you as much time to understand as it took a nebula to create and give birth to a new star! And that’s a very, very long time!

Or you can just go in and see pretty things without having to strain your brain to understand its meaning.

Nevada Museum of Art in Reno is hosted in a beautiful building at the border of the emerging new Midtown and the the old Downtown. Amazing views await you on the top floor where wedding ceremonies and receptions sometime take place. Dinners are the wonderful creation of chef Mark Estee.

Awesome place, check it out either way.

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Nevada has an area almost the same size as Italy and yet is vastly underpopulated. Seen from above the state looks, and is, a vast desert punctuated by peaks and valleys dressed in a light brownish red coat. It’s a fascinating land that seems to have been oppressed by the gods of wind that chased away the seeds of mostly but a few trees.Driving in Nevada is a unique and beautiful exercise. Roads that seem to extend to infinity give way to the occasional almost empty towns. I encourage anyone who is visiting to drive outside of the metropolitan areas and experience the beauty of this unique land.


San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love so many things about it, the architecture, the steep streets, its noises and mostly of all the weather! I love cold weather and that would be my number one reason to live in San Francisco. Not the food, not the culture, or the people but the weather. It makes me feel alive! The silent progression of the skipping fog entering the bay, wrapping its invisible tentacles around every nook and cranny on both banks , seems to tame the evolution element brought on by people. There is a sense that nature still reigns supreme and we are just there to witness its beauty and power.

I love going to the city as much as I can either on personal trips or work. Below is an engagement session from a few weeks ago with Sai and Ramya.